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Originally Posted by flower959 View Post
Thanks! I think about this all the time-at least when the weekend gets closer. I'm a bit of a homebody and hate the idea that I get chased out of my own home. I do have a few hobbies (crafting, reading), a sister that I'm close to, and an aging mother that I help. I do have a close friend that I get together with here & there for a day (but she doesn't understand alcoholism and gives terrible advice regarding so I don't usually talk much about it with her).

The weekend has to be a good balance for me. I'll plan something for a Saturday, then have absolutely nothing planned for Sunday. I do think there is room for improvement here. I need to go do more things without him. I'm trying to plan a weekend get-a-way with my sister to visit my brother out of state.
Hi Flower, I just received email notifications that this post has been updated and I now remember reading this post a couple years ago when you posted it. I remember thinking that you and I are living the same life. I never thought I would post on a forum such as this but I really find comfort in reading what you are going through because I'm going through the exact same thing.

Your AH and your relationship sounds exactly like mine. I learned about co-dependancy after finding this forum a couple of years ago and have been working at not trying to control him or his drinking. It's heartbreaking watching him from the sidelines. I just wish he could see how much better he is and how life could be if he just stopped drinking.

My husband isn't violent or abusive but he is annoying and obnoxious when he has been drinking and I stay with him because when he's sober, he's that person that I love again. I also have that hope every day that "today is the day...."

I hope you keep updating us here because as much as others are helping you with advice, you are also helping others by sharing.
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