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So glad I checked in and saw your last post GoN!!! Great going so far.

Getting a sponsor is indeed really important. I actually didn't get my first one til 97 days, which is probably "late" compared to many. Like I said earlier on this thread, I knew I was committed to AA and as I listened for "those who have what I want," I mentally worked steps 1-3. As in, 1 was abundantly clear bc I had a life or death choice and (part b) my life was a complete disaster, which is the understated use of "unmangeable" to say the least. I began them for real with that first sponsor and I credit her with my education and understanding of the first 164 pp of the BB. (As far as 2 and 3, I had always believed in God yet I had gone farrrrr away from my understanding of Him - I've since evolved greatly in my spiritual beliefs).

The steps are a process and I have found, as I was just talking to my current sponsor about yesterday, that as my sober time builds, I keep discovering layers to them (I have 1207 days, or 3 yr 3 mo and change).

The key part is to keep going back, keep being open (willing!) to learn and stay sober, and keep moving forward in the step work. It is indeed a leap of faith (which you call trust) to begin working one on one with someone else. You've gotten over that huge first leap by starting the program a month ago!! You've got some muscles to take the next one.

So glad you are here.

"Sometimes, I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." - Alice in Wonderland
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