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Ann, My go to for really bad nausea is phenegren ( sp?) of compazine ( sp?) suppositories. I used to keep some in our refrigerator when the girls were little, to have on hand in times of need. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your nice meal without nausea. Sweet Dreams

Suki, Gabapentin is a good drug and I'm glad it's giving you some relieve. I used it for a long time for an off label use, but no longer need it.

Poor Billie, I guess she just had to go and was distracted when she was out earlier.

Miss. Pondy #1 ( Lamp) had her two week post op appt today with her surgeon. Everything is good and he was pleased with her progress. She has no activity or weight lifting restrictions and can resume taking baths or go swimming.

We ended up buying a blender on line after the blood pressure incident in Costco and it's supposed to arrive tomorrow. Phase II of her diet is simple and soft foods, with a focus on protein. The nutritionist had a family emergency and left the office today, we we meet with her tomorrow.

I fly home on Friday. Mr. P said some plants I've ordered have arrived, plus he bought I'm itching to garden I know we're very close to the pool excavation, but imagine it's weather dependent to some extent.

P.S. My avatar picture is the type of plant I ordered. It's a flowering vine and hummingbirds love it.

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