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Originally Posted by Bethany57 View Post
Thank you all for your kind replies. The weekend went OK not a full out binge every day but I definitely ate more than I should. LR thank you for advice. Yes, naps are very helpful for me. The thing is I suffer from insomnia and do try to limit naps. I have been exercising though and feel good about that. Yesterday went to grocery and bought a lot of healthy food. I am on day two and will be really mindful of my eating this week. Thank you all again for your comments.

I am curious what mindful eating looks like for you, what does eating more than I should look like for you? I know I keep hammering this point but it is pretty ambiguous and that is for me part of the good/bad eating mindset that gets me into trouble.

Sometimes I am so in my own head about food or other behaviors that I am not being logical. Sometimes I am so in my head that I miss out of enjoyable things and miss other opportunities for self-care. Sometimes I am so in my head that even if I am doing "well," I am being so judgemental to myself that I can't get out of my own way.

All of the mindset for me is part of my eating stuff too, and for me it is the trigger, rather than the result.

So naps are a double edged sword for you, what else do you participate in that is rejuvenation for you and relaxing? What else helps you with stress management?
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