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Top of the evening all! Glad to see all you crushing it!! Took Friday to Sunday off. Went to graveyard shift and had family stuff. Did heavy deads and lighter paused bench tonight. Went awesome!! Whole workout did. Rocked my deadlifts. Did 3x3 455. Than some paused with 405. Bench was 6x7 195-245. Had to fight but finished my rep count. Was going to do Jiggs Rowe's but decided to try something different as a cardio burnout towards the end. Went to my garage and did a pullup, dropped down did a pushup and repeat. Got 14 of both before my pullups were absolutely not happening. Felt pretty good. Probably gonna do cardio tommorow. Thinking tire, hammer and bag work. Wednesday gonna try to find a heavier tire one from 4-5 hundred pounds. Got a lead on some. Hope all of you have a great night and day!!
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