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Ahhhh.....a car..... not a deer...…

I'd love to see a deer with some snow....

Send some cool air this way Phoenix, cause
it's pretty warm and we're just in June.


This morning while taking a drive to the
store, Joe Walsh , Rocky Mountain High
song came on and emmediately I thought
about you cranking your music up loud,
something just about all of us have done
many times in our lives.

A favorite song comes on and you just
have to turn it up loud and rock out with
it with your air guitars or drums.

I know I have and still do, but not to a
deafening loud or blowing out the speakers.

Here is Joe's song on youtube, but not
the best sounding ive heard. Sorry.

Anyway.... been looking at some Sturgis
and Daytona pictures on Face Book making
me wish we had another trip there for us
in the future.

The last time we went to Sturgis we trailered
our bike and if we go again or anywhere long
distant, we'd have to trailer it then too.

My husband wants to go up north to see
the Northern Lights and we talk about a
trip from time to time. Maybe stop in the
Dakota's and Deadwood.

Okay, that's all I got for now. Ride safely
whether in your car, motorcycle, bike or
bicycle. Anything that gets you out and

Baton Rouge, La.

I turn my will and life over to the care of a Power greater than I on a daily basis for guidance, care and protection.
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