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(((Suki))) how are you feeling? I am praying that you get some relief from the pain.

Opi, thank you for a new thread with a great title and for always looking after us. Hope you are well too and staying away from killer flip flops.

10. Fear of being recognized and/or ostracized as a Chronic Whiner will leave us.
Each new post I read the Preamble and this from The Promises if WA cracked me up today. Who knew we could be proud of chronic whining. And who, I ask ya, WHO, does it better than us?

Off to the good mall today, it's raining and Bubba needs a haircut

Live your joy,
Go against the grain.
Don’t be made timid by worried rejection.
Let nature’s curious wisdom fill you.
Let the world’s mystical heritage guide you.
Paint your canvasses,
play your tunes.
~Thomas Moore
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