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If I was coordinated enough Purplrks3647 I would give those videos a try, they look like pretty good workouts. But the good Lord blessed me with two left feet and uncanny tone deafness so it won't be happening any time soon. Rhythm just isn't in my blood.

Yesterday was a day of adding more gardens (less grass to cut and the Mrs enjoys tending to the gardens so it's a win win!!) and other assorted "honey do" jobs. Those never seen to end.

So today I snuck in a Leg Workout with the 50# Bulgarian Bag a deck of cards and a 40# kettlebell.

Hearts: 6 Squats for each Heart drawn
Diamond: 6 Step Ups for each Diamond drawn
Clubs: 6 Calf Raises (3 count on way down) for each Club drawn
Spades: 6 Deadlifts for each Club drawn
After every 4th Card: 90lb (Bag plus a Kettlebell) Carry across the back yard (150 feet), and then 6 Bag Snatches.
Jokers: Do an extra circuit of the above.

Deal out 4 Cards at a time and do the associated exercise & reps with the cards drawn. Go through the circuit as quickly as possible.

That's it! Enjoy your Sunday folks!

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