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Folks drive like crazy on all kinds of roads
schnappi and that is scary. Believe me when
I say, I hang on to my husband like my
life depends on him when he has to maneuver
thru the fast pace on the highway.

I sit back behind him and say my prayers
waiting for that first opening or out of the
thick of things before I can finally take
a breath of relief and let myself relax
from the tenseness of my body and release
the firm grip I had on his waste. whew...

Riding when traffic is low like earlier
in the mornings on the weekend, where
work traffic is much less is when we like
to ride. Riding away from the traffic,
where it is wide open spaces, out in the
country to enjoy the scenery.

We have to take care of ourselves because
no one else will. Meaning, out on the road,
we have to have eyes on everything, front,
back, sides, because the other guy in their
car, we have no idea if they are impaired
or what's going on with them.

Most of the time, folks are on cell phones,
distracted, medical problems, stuff on their
minds where they are not focused on seeing
whose around them. Esp. if they are on

We are like a tiny dot in their eyes or a
small bug that can be squashed if you
know what I mean.


Enjoy time away with family and ride safe
returning to us to share how your ride was.
Remember, if you dont feel comfortable riding
where your last accident was, you dont have
to ride it.

Having you safe is more important than
proving you have to ride a dangerous curve
in the road.

Freedom to ride a gift in sobriety is
worth living for.

Baton Rouge, La.

I turn my will and life over to the care of a Power greater than I on a daily basis for guidance, care and protection.
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