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That's awesome Astro and soooo romantic.

We married in 2009 not that far apart from
you guys.

After proposing we hopped on our cycle too
and road to get our first tattoos and turned
out to be a pretty memorable day for us as well.

I believe were we stayed was called Angel Lodge,
a place you recommended to me when looking
for a place to stay when visiting the Grand Canyon
yrs. ago.

My memory is kinda foggy as if it was you
or not.

Anyway.....we absolutely love staying way up
there on the rim of the canyon. I do remember
that when we left, it was cold and had snowed
a bit and couldn't wait to ride further down the
elevation to warm up.

Ahhhh, memories.

Good to hear that you and your daughter had a
nice ride and quality time spent together even if
the temps got sticky on your way home.

We had the same thing happen to us when we
rode Memorial Day. The day started off comfortable
but by the time we got close to home with all the
stop lights and the sun beatin down on us, I was
anxious to get home and shed all the ridin gear and
get cool and comfy.

Still.....a good ride and glad we finally got out.

Baton Rouge, La.

I turn my will and life over to the care of a Power greater than I on a daily basis for guidance, care and protection.
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