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Hey schnappi…..

I guess this is where I should be for now.

I sooooo enjoy sharing with others about
our motorcycle trips and such, but because
we haven't been riding for the past few yrs.
the original thread got really quiet.


Toad pop in to ask where I was. Altho I
hadn't been writing on bikers in recovery,
Im always here in SR sharing on recovery
and a good while now on gardening, flowers,
outdoorsy stuff, birds, butterflies.....


I saw where toad asked where I was and responded
and … is where folks can find me too.

Good to hear your out and about on your motorcycle
too Schnappi. Keeping it running smoothly by taking
care of it particular needs.

We took our road king out before noon Memorial Day
while the roads were light which was pretty nice. Then
when we got on the interstate and a tad more fast
traffic, I got kind of nervous as we began to find our
sweet speed to cruise. can get a little hairy when all the
lanes are filled with cars jumping and switching
back and forth. Me, I just want to get off that
craziness and just roll on down the road alone
or with fewer cars.

Once we got on the Mississippi River bridge,
we could look down upon the mighty Miss. River,
the barges and Casino. Memories flood in reminding
me as a child sitting in the back seat of our Oldsmobile
riding over the bridge to get to the otherside of Baton
Rouge to shop.

Riding at night with the Exxon plant all lite up,
windows rolled down with warm air blowing in
to keep us cool.

Anyway.....having a motorcycle today to ride
outside feeling one with nature's elements. Gotta
love it.

Husbands got our radio working but stills needs
to work on our helmet intercom situation. We like
using it to talk to each other and listen to our music
thru our helmets which is a nice plus when traveling
long distance.

Of course you can turn it off when you get
tired of all the noise in your ears.
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