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Originally Posted by PippoRossi View Post
Wow, Atlast9999. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am headed in the same direction, definitely, if I don't put the brakes on this "relationship." I'm glad I told him this morning to back off. I'm sure he has many women on the side, he's pretty smooth that way. I'm hoping he just shifts his focus to one of them and forgets about me.
Pippo, thanks for your post. I fell in love too when I was 20 and never really got over it. This seems to be a normal phenomenon for some of us. My story is a bit different but has a few similarities

My Ex became a meth addict and I sensibly left him. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done and one of the best. I had the most lovely fantasy about him and us. I can still taste that dream. I do occasionally look him up on Facebook. Like you I am glad when he finds someone else as it removes the temptation a bit.

I do think when we fall in love so hard with someone, it indicates some crap in our psyche. Well . . . maybe not for you but definitely for me!

I hope you can gather as much support around yourself as possible. You sound like you are smart enough to know what is going on. Unfortunately no matter how smart we are, those feelings can be so darn strong.

Work on putting some sober time together and dig deep into what this is about. This is so so not fun.
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