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Hi Pippo,

11 years ago I reconnected, via email, with an old boyfriend. He lived in a different state many, many hours away. We emailed every day, just as friends. Then that slowly changed to a deeper, emotional affair.

At at the time I was communicating with him, I had a 7 mo the old baby, was going to school full-time, and was struggling with my in-person boyfriend.

Those emails turned into phone calls. We were saying “I love you” to one another. Seemed like we were on the same page and that we just needed to be together, forever! Our relationship progressed to the point where I broke up with my boyfriend, boyfriend moved out, my dad BOUGHT the house we shared together so that I had somewhere to live. My ex boyfriend came to visit and guess what....we had NOTHING in common while together in person, there was no future, all the mistakes from the past came rushing back.

My ex went home after one week. I stopped talking to him. He wasn’t the same as the in-line person that I “fell for”.

This is emotional affair, and one week physical affair, has had many consequences- some that I’m still dealing with 12 years later.

In hindsight, I wish that I never would have reconnected with my ex. The emotional affair was “so exciting” and “meant to be” but i am now able to identify that it wasn’t. I was romanticizing the idea of an old but new again relationship. I was excited that someone was paying attention to me, meeting my emotional needs, really just the whole rush of a new love interest.

It wasn’t worth it
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