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Originally Posted by DontRemember View Post
I gotta ask...Why do you purposely try to stay involved? What are you doing to get yourself in a 'mindset' to stop wasting your time/energy on THEIR drama? Let'em do whatever they want to do. You have zero control in this/these/their situation(s)..I'd spend my time bettering/living my own life..just saying.
Unfortunately various family members and issues has kept myself and others in the vicinity of much of this drama through out the years. It will change by the end of this year fingers crossed.

Things like retirements, moving and other family health issues will put those alcoholics on their own by the end of the year. No more using a senior parent's or family member's house as a crash pad, storage unit, unkept mess or second home they contribute nothing to. They will be forced to ask their friends for a place to sleep when drunk, not sympathetic family. No family will be around for a quick loan or more importantly be worked/set up repetitively for a loan they'll never pay back. For the first time in the alcoholic's life as 1/2 century old adult they will be on their own and away from several preferred enablers. No more "quick" rides to the shopping district where they call for a ride from a bar 4-12 hours later. Because of the moving they'll be forced to get many of their bills, cars and insurance in their very own name at their current address with no one fronting money/paying for them. More importantly many will not have to experience their life on a daily basis because they simply will not be present. Changes are coming.
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