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LifeRecovery....thank you so much for your reply! You are so right about so many things. I do love your idea about being accountable upfront rather than after. You may be onto something there ! I will do that this Friday and Saturday which are my worst days. I also totally agree with you it is usually about something else besides food. I do suffer from insomnia. That has been going on for y ears. By the end of the week I am tired and exhausted from work. I work Tuesday -Saturday so Friday and Saturday are usually days I am so tired. Not sure what helps me in the beginning (Monday). I think I usually am food hungover on Mondays so I really don't even want to binge and Mondays always seem like a new beginning for me. I feel so much better physically AND emotionally when I eat healthy. I do agree that a big thing for me is the insomnia and exhaustion by the end of the week. Sometimes I will begin to crave something and you just cannot stop me from eating it- I feel like it is a force. I compare myself to an alcoholic who cannot have one drink. Thank you for your response and it definitely gave me lots to think about.
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