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so very true no matter how much someone else pays for the life of another to continue .. its going to harm them both.. we had that happen and talked it over.. and I put my foot down hard.. no what is it you just don't understand No. and now that Eddie Lee has had major heart surgery. our money goes just in one place meds then food then gas so I can go to work to make the money... its hard kids .. but you have to be firm. with the parent and the kid.. No and when it comes from someone that is up at 3:30am and is 69 years old I have backed both Eddie Lee and the kid back into a wall.. I am safe.. life needs to balance for us again. but I am safe. a drink. I am drinking a lot of water to show Eddie Lee it won't kill him.. a fast punch from me now that would be a different story.. steady Clown Steady.. love you all know you are thinking of us. every so often can hear someones voice.... ardy

Ardith Richter
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