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Originally Posted by CoffeeBuff View Post
Sometimes children and grandchildren are both substance abusers. Parents drinking and smoking pot with adult children is a pattern. Same principle applies to grandchildren. The parents of the grandchildren are trying to unload their dysfunctional, maladjusted active alcoholic/addict kid on the grandparent.
I've seen a similar scenario. The alcoholic's step daughter flunked high school, has a juvenile delinquent resume and struggles to hold a job as an adult. He always drank in front of her as did her mom. Along with dumping her on baby sitters so they could to a bar or party. She had to know what was going on.

The addicted parent doing drugs with or in the presence of their young or adult children is not only an ignorant parent but one looking for a friend or approval. The mother in the example I mention views her adult children more like a friend than child. This was the relationship by the daughter's early teens. It's selfishness on the parents part more worried about their emotional desires than the child's well being.
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