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The last best recovery related podcast I listened to:
podcasts dot apple dot com/us/podcast/joe-charlie-big-book-comes-alive/id687141143
Every time I'm on a food binge, I can't help but think how similar the behavior is to my former drinking.

I ask myself, how many times did I quit smoking before I was finally done with it? How many times did I try to quit drinking? Well, how many times do I have to eat binge foods before I learn my lesson? One of these times, as long as I keep trying, I'm sure I'll succeed, because I finally did quit smoking and drinking.

My AA sponsor recently recommended the book "Codependent No More" by Melody Beattie. I got a lot out of the book.

One part of the book talked about forgiving ourselves. Okay Okay, I can forgive myself, no problem, but I really treated myself badly for many years, especially with the food thing. The foods I've eaten have really done a lot of damage to my body, and have caused considerable pain. I can forgive myself, yes, but I realized I also need to make amends to myself. A food plan, eating healthy, (and weight loss) is the amends I owe myself.

Good luck!
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