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Originally Posted by biminiblue View Post
My point was more - find a way to not obsess over it. The more time I spend thinking about a problem, the worse I can build it up to be.

I've not read about nor heard about this physical problem happening from one binge. Not saying it didn't happen, just I've never heard this one. I have heard about obsessive anxiety being caused by alcohol.

Have you thought about going back to the doc?

​​​​​​I'm tempted to go get some bloods to see yea.

I've seen a few references of acute myopathy following a heavy binge. I'm unable to post a link as I'm too new, but Google Acute Alcoholic Myopathy and the first link on describes it can happen after one heavy binge. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced the same thing and had it last a few months?
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