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Soboxene Detox is not as hard as everyone say

I was on Subs for 5 years 18mg a day .. 2 weeks ago I had enough.. so I tapered down to 2 mg a day .. I had some stomach issues that I took over the counter medicine for and couldn't sleep very well but it was nothing that everyone said it would be .. I jumped complete off 3 days ago and itís been actually very ez .. yea some chills but no depression instead i m happier than Iíve ever felt !!! Itís like the world opened up to me and I can feel again... Iím not sure why people post all these horror. Stories but itís not that bad a t all ... If you want it you will kick also .. just stay busy stay working stay in the gym and donít think about it .. whatever you do donít read the horror stories cause thatí just puts negative thoughts in your heads .. Good luck to all !!!
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