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Acute Myopathy

Hi guys. Hopefully someone can relate and advise on this one!

Last month I went on a binge with a mate and was very drunk. I barely remember getting home. This is very unlike me, as I'm pretty much tee-total, I don't even drink the odd beer at home.

The day after, I had an extremely worrying symptom in that my thighs were extremely weak, to the point where I could hardly walk in a straight line and going upstairs was very difficult. I went to A&E and they did a few basic strength tests and although my legs felt extremely weak, I could still push hard if that makes sense. It was almost just like a sensation.

Anyway, it's coming up to 6 weeks now and i'm still experiencing mild muscle weakness on my left leg only. It's a nagging feeling that isn't affecting me walking, and it's not even slightly painful. If I work out by squatting with some light weights, I'm finding that I can do it without fatiguing etc. I have been eating lots of foods rich in Vitamin B such as beef and seeds for Vitamin E. Apparently they both really help with replenishing your muscles.

I could see a difference in my muscle mass from my legs, they felt a lot smaller and I must admit, I have neglected my leg muscles for many years now as I work in IT and sit down a lot. That said, I do a lot of walking with my dog etc and definitely did not even have a hint of this muscle weakness. I was also extremely depressed and thinking really bad things for a week or so following the binge, and I'm usually very happy in general. I was almost crying about situations in my mind that hadn't even happened. I feel crazy typing this, but these symptoms are apparently all linked to this myopathy.

Any tips here guys? Could it simply be that the acute myopathy blew away lots of my muscle mass in one big binge? Perhaps sleeping on that leg put pressure on those muscles for my 10 hour sleep, hence why I was mainly feeling this in my left leg?

There aren't many articles on this condition, but ones I have seen, have suggested that 7-10 days for it to go. I have then seen a few posts from others have said that it took a few months for it to fully go.

One other thing, is that I fell on my back 3-4 months ago, and had JUST got over this chipped bone and deep glute muscle damage. Perhaps my nerves were still repairing and an alcohol binge was probably the last thing I should have done. Possibly not linked, but thought I'd add that too.

I also play drums, and have had no issues with coordination and power on the pedals.
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