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Originally Posted by Givingup54 View Post
PS Unrelated...sorta...but I plan to use the same tools from Rational Recovery in my eating, after a while. One thing at a time. Right now I'm craving carbs like nobody's business!
Yea... that is a thing in sobriety. Sugar/Carb cravings. When I wrote about that really bad attach in the original post above... one of the mental games I played with myself was to treat myself to a bag of jelly beans. I didn’t eat the entire bag... but could have.

I am in the process of cutting carbs myself. I think I am far enough along in my sobriety to start making some additional healthy changes.

I had a full hysterectomy in Nov 2017 and decided not to take hormones... although I was told I should due to being put into immediate medical menopause after the surgery, I refused. 2018 was a really rough year of mood swings, night sweats, and weight gain... oh and HEAVY DRINKING.

I was warned I would gain weight and sure enough... about 25 pounds in a years time. Drinking didn’t help that at all. It’s funny, I am anti medicine, but no problems downing 2 bottles of wine a day! Ha!

Like you, I am taking one thing at a time. Even though I have my beast attacks, I do feel like I am now sober for life. It is now time to take my newly discovered mental and physical strength and heal my body and hopefully as I do shed those lbs off my frame.

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