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Hi Tammy -- glad you posted and glad you worked your way through that.

I haven't had a beast attack in awhile, but early on I had a few that were so strong that the AVRT term "vertigo" really applied. They sometimes happened when I sat down in a restaurant, as in the past I would have ordered a glass of wine (pre-quit). The beast temporarily took over.... for a few minutes my thoughts would be consumed with the storyline of "all that stuff about being sober was just a big misunderstanding, it's really not necessary...maybe for people worse off than me but I wasn't really addicted.." Etc. A wise soul here on SR suggested that when that happens, I take a few moments to breathe and try to connect with my body. ..feel my feet on the floor, my body in the chair, my breath moving... That seems to help me "remember" myself and remember I am not the beast.

​​​​then I try to say (out loud, maybe), "this is vertigo, a beast attack, these are not my thoughts, and the thoughts will pass soon". I try not to get into an argument with it about the merits of drinking, because that gives it more attention than it deserves. Distraction is good too -- anything that changes the subject -- talk to my dinner companions about the menu, ask them questions, anything.

I don't know if that helps... Beast attacks are annoying, but you got through it , so well done. Keep posting your experiences .... This section of the forum is a little quiet, but we're out here, pulling for you.
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