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Originally Posted by fini View Post
hey, that is 3 days!!
relaxing on the idea of a meeting....know why you are wanting that.
what i mean is along these lines: is it seriously overstress time wise, or is it about running away from the discomfort and anxiety about going?
friends...they don’t just ‘happen’; there is a reason it is called ‘making friends’. it implies we need to do something, put ourselves out, act.
you know what i’m saying
What fini said!!

I was told early on "go to a meeting when you want to, and when you don't want to - just go." That proved to be really wise advice- still does here at 3+ yr when I kinda sorta don't want to go, want to do something else, etc....learning to identify "WHY" I wasn't inclined to go is something important.

Also, just my experience, no one was going to "make" me speak or get a chip - I never got a white one. Now, I know I never will because I don't have a relapse in me. And, IMO, it is perfectly OK to say "Pass" if you find yourself in a meeting where it goes around in a circle to talk (which I greatly dislike). Womens' mtgs are a great fit for plenty of us (mens' too) - not me, but my now-friends often talk about finding a niche there.

I'd also suggest you keep going to different kinds of meetings- open discussion and newcomers were good for me at first, but I really didn't know what each one was - I went to the same time every day bc it fit in my schedule. I only gradually learned to experience different mtgs on purpose, and mainly as my schedule had to change around work - but I have always found time to go.

Other stuff on top of whatever recovery program you choose is great- but putting it as add-on not instead of is how I have found continued sobriety. Which reminds me I need to go to 3 mtgs the rest of this wk to be on my track!!

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