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I tried AA and hated it. Nonetheless it was crucial in early sobriety. I myself couldn't possibly have gone to an AA meeting while in withdrawal on my own, I required medical detox. I found myself in an AA meeting in rehab when I was in a group and someone started saying things that I recognized, and I thought "Holy crap, this is an AA meeting." I was still in withdrawal, but on a valium taper so the symptoms were manageable...there isn't a chance in hell I could have gotten myself to a meeting in the state I would have been in without the benzo taper, and without being in an environment where it just kinda happened. Since then I've seen people in meetings, usually brought by someone who found them or knew them, who were in pretty bad shape. In one case, they were taken to the hospital immediately as the meeting ended. I certainly gave AA a shot before I discarded it, and had other sobriety methods at my disposal.

My experiences aside, my overall advice would be to utilize whatever recovery resources are at your disposal. AA isn't a bad place to start by any means, and I'm sure people here can give you tips for finding a good meeting and getting there. I would also suggest that you consult with your doctor regarding your withdrawal, particularly if your symptoms are relatively severe.

I didn't think I could do inpatient either. It's amazing what you can manage when your life is at stake.

Do whatever you can as soon as you can to get sober.
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