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RIP Maria
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Itís been awhile since Iíve posted!

I come back here tonight to sadly post the news of my 22 year old nephew passing away earlier in the year! I talked about him a lot and all the problems I had with him due to his drinking and drugging in March last year while he stayed with us.

He had learned a new game! 😞 Eject the clip out of his pistol, eject the bullet from his clip, slam the clip back into his pistol, put the barrel to his temple and pull the trigger! 😱

He was drinking, smoking marijuana and had taken klonapins (sp)! He got too messed up to remember to eject the bullet! He had ran inside, told his roommate to watch this and before his roommate could turn around from the stove where he was cooking them supper? The pistol blasted the side of my nephews head off! 😭

RIP my young nephew! 💔

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