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Life threw me one of those nasty bumps yesterday, when I discovered that somebody withdrew money out of my checking account using a payment transfer app I didn't even know existed. Fraud. It is not a small amount of money to me at all, and when I realized something was very wrong I had a short time of thinking that I would have gotten sloshed over it if I wasn't drinking. At least I'm not defrauded by the booze this time.

Still, it throws you for a loop when something like that happens, makes you angry (and scared about finances, for me). I went to the bank and filed a dispute for the charge. I get provisional credit but am concerned about it going potentially against my favor. Big companies are hard to deal with, even over things that are small to them, leaving me feeling like a bug that got squished but is writhing around.

I cannot worry over it too much today, as there is nothing more to be done for now.
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