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My counseling, which includes discussions of issues outside of alcohol frequently, is with an addiction specialist. So, we often associate what is being discussed with recovery of the person as well as the abstinence I practice. If you decide that you like your current counselors that have brought up drinking in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, I would bring up the feelings that it brings to you when such statements are made. If you really feel that the relationship you have with a therapist is damaged, it may be better to consider somebody else. A sensitive therapist should be cognizant of your weak areas and speak to them in a way that furthers all of your goals. Have you articulated what you are seeking clearly to make sure that you are addressing you as the whole package? Sometimes I have to direct the conversation one way or the other to make sure that I'm focusing on what is good or what is hurting to make sure the other person is clear on what is going on with me at the moment in a meeting. It's very hard to find a good therapist, and you'll have to make sure that you're receiving the right messaging and advice for what you seek.
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