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And thanks for your kind words Guener I donít always feel like Iím doing a good job, but I havenít had a drink despite the AV fighting me on it at times. I think I need to work more on my recovery.
I did want to ask you all something though... do you think it matters that my counsellor drinks? My previous one did too. I have told both of them that I stopped drinking altogether last May because I was drinking way too much for way too long. However both have mentioned since, more than once, having a drink ďto wind downĒ at the end of the day. The current one pulled up at the last mention of it at my last session and said, but of course you donít drink. Iím not sure how I feel about it. I guess itís normal for them, but itís not normal for me. So Iím just a bit uncertain. I just feel a bit detached from them perhaps... Iím not sure, so Iíll think a bit more about whether itís helpful or not. It may not matter at all.
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