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Thanks for all the great reading, so good to catch up!

We made it to PART 5😍❤️

My AV quiet too.

My landlady brought some alcohol home about 10 days ago. It was wine coolers. Didnít tempt me a bit. And she only had ONE. HAHAHAHA 😂😂😂

See, that would NEVER be me.

So glad my new friend in Steamboat doesnít drink. He smokes weed a little, but seems to do that in moderation . And Iím not tempted nor could I partake anyway, Iíd loose my nursing license.

Guener and willow and Dee, sounds like all your plans are sound. Good to read your input too, John.

Shall we look toward fostering the May 2019 class? Iíll have to wait till the end of month to go to one year and overs thread, but look forward to joining all of you there as well

Best sweet dreams to all!!


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