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aawwww batchel *HUG*

I know these feelings you have been having. It still happens to me every once in a while, this wave of sadness washes over me and I have to wonder, "Where the heck did THAT come from?!"... I'm remarried, I'm happy, I'm healthy, my life is peaceful and easy, I know damn well that no matter where my life experiences take me in the future I would NEVER go back to living with AXH (or anyone like him), so why this wave of sad feels???.... I have to believe it's normal after a long term relationship termination to have some of these residual emotions. One thing I can say is that it happens less and less as time goes on, and even when it does happen now it is not debilitating like it was in the beginning.

I'm glad you came hear to tell us how you are feeling, it helps to get it out. *hugs*
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