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I don't worry about you picking up Willow, because while there isn't a no alcohol policy in place you have your no alcohol practice for yourself that seems quite strong. That being said, I would still be sure to have some of those alcohol free mixers that you like around, so that you can enjoy a soft cocktail of your choice while the others are partaking of the other. And, like you do, you can excuse yourself from the scene when it it is reasonable for you to choose that time. Actually, I find that my own AV is a stronger thing to deal with than those drinking around me, and they aren't usually at the same time. Let's just say that you handle yourself very well!

My own AV has been dormant lately, and I am grateful for it. And I am ready to squash it, ha! It's nice to be free from any idea of picking up these days. But, as you said, we must not fall into complacency, either.

The sun is beginning to rise more fully here, and I can see that it looks like a clear and lovely day ahead, and I'm hoping that it is a good sign that I will enjoy my day as fully as possible.
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