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Thanks for the new thread Dee!

And thanks for your words. I admire you having a no drinking policy in your house. If it was just my house alone, I would do that for sure, but itís my partnerís house, and he drinks socially, including one or two beers after work when he feels like it (not every day) ie ďnormalĒ drinking. Itís been that way for many years, I just used to drink a lot more and now Iíve stopped. So I feel a bit stuck between a rock and a hard place. Short of moving out, I donít really think I can impose a no alcohol policy, much as Iíd like to

We donít entertain very often so itís not usually an issue, but my family decided to come and visit for a week from interstate, so itís a temporary situation that will run itís course soon... I only have 4 nights to go

I might go out and get some coke zero today as a treat, and some soda water and juice. I quite like drinking these but I wasnít very well prepared this time for some reason. A lesson to not become complacent I think....
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