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Originally Posted by KeepingUp View Post
With my reputation with my friends, I had to do a lot of “disappointing” with my friends (the non-alcoholic ones) who wanted to have drinks with me as I’ve worked on my sobriety. Not all of them know why I’m not drinking, so I got some pouts when I didn’t want drinks with a meal. But with the good friends, that stopped pretty quickly. They’re now used to me not drinking and don’t expect it of me like they used to. At first I was worried what they’d think, if they’d catch on to my alcohol problem before I was ready to tell them, but the truth is those that really wanted to spend time with me didn’t care about drinking together in the end and didn’t give it nearly as much thought as I did.

You’re doing great and I’m so glad you’re here!
That's great that everyone has been supportive. I know what you mean.. It will take my friends some time to adjust to me being the person that says no to a drink rather than the one who is suggesting it in the first place and never saying no to one more! I don't like to feel like I'm spoiling anyone's fun but my health, sanity and sobriety come first. I've realised I can have a good time without alcohol.

Appreciate it! Happy to be here

Got a big work night out tomorrow to celebrate a few things. Couple of engagements and a few birthdays. It's a meal and drinks before/after. Already planned just to go for the meal and then make my excuses and leave. I'm at work the next day so that's a pretty good excuse. This will be my first sober night out in a large group where others will be drinking but I'm confident I'll be fine.
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