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Depression or PAWS

Just wanted to get your advice/opinions. Iíve been sober just over a year after a stay at rehab. My alcoholism was chronic especially for the last 10 years.
Since I got sober Iíve had episodes that feel like depression however I also get psychomotor symptoms where I can barely move or canít move and canít speak or am slurring my words. These episodes were more intense when I first got sober but they are still happening one year later and Iím over it. Itís really getting me down because I canít function properly and can barely get out of bed some days.
I did suffer from some depression when I was younger. but nothing like this. I went to a psychiatrist and he said it was MDD with melancholia. I guess my drinking has made my depression worse. He suggested CBT and medication. I was hoping not to go down the medication route because I feel like my brain is so damaged by alcohol I just want to heal it.
I was hoping if someone had been through something similar they could let me know what they did or what this is? Part of me thinks it just PAWS symptoms and Iím hoping they clear up by 2 years as I know it can take that long.
Also Iím thinking CBT probably wonít help as itís based on thinking and behaviour and this feels more just brain damage..

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