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Iím the Scapegoat

So I was researching the ACOA roles in the family and I am the scapegoat—middle child, first and only female. I am also an alcoholic. Sober for 47 days.

I have always felt like I was a victim of curcumstance my entire life!! Reading this definition of the role I played (and play) in my family dynamic is disturbing and enlightening.

I have 2 brothers who fit their roles as well. I still deal with an alcoholic father and a mother who favors the boys and makes excuses for my dad (my parents are divorced). I’ve tried NC with all of them at some point, but sooner or later their guilt trip is laid on me and they are back annoying me and blaming me for everything.

My post is for other Scapegoats—how do you accept your role and manage it in a healthy way? I’ve struggled my entire life with this, and just want to understand and move on to becoming the best version of me. We are the truth tellers and confident to speak up and out—I like that about me.

Share your experience, advice, wisdom. I am hoping to use responses as tools in my recovery.

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