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Hi Serenity
I had a work dinner tonight and was the only person not drinking. I thought about what I would say if anyone commented on my not drinking but no one said a thing or seemed to notice. I had planned on ordering something like club soda with lime or a virgin bloody mary so that my not drinking was inconspicuous but I don't like club soda and who wants to pay $10 for a virgin bloody mary. Instead I treated myself to a diet coke, something I used to love but rarely drink now. While everyone else was getting tipsy I was riding a caffeine high. I am amazed at how slowly others sip their wine or finish their drink and it reminds me of why I stopped. I was a gulper not a sipper. Back to how to handle not drinking at work events, I think most people are too involved in themselves to worry about others drinking or not drinking and I may have a hard time sleeping tonight with all this caffeine pulsing through my system but I won't be hungover in the morning.
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