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Hi serenity, I can totally relate. I have clients in the wine industry. Wine makers. Fortunately, my job is not to evaluate their wine and I have clients in other industries too. I thought for sure last year at one of my visits, I was going to be asked to taste. Fortunately, tasting was not the focus and didnt come up at all. There were a few other meetings where tasting was planned and I called and said I had a conflict that day and asked if I could join the meeting part via conference and take a rain check on the tasting.

Im so glad you started this thread. I need a plan too as this will come up again. Its one thing to decline a glass of wine. I have many excuses for that. Im in training for a marathon, Im on antibiotics, Im driving and Im a lightweight, even no thank you, alcohol just doesnt agree with me. But its something else to decline just a taste. Just a teeny weeny taste! That never hurt anyone, right? So if I refuse a taste, will I offend the wine maker? Will they privately know Im an alcoholic and will that be awkward?

It would be so much easier if I could just say no thanks, Im an alcoholic. I never chose that path though. Even if I did, I guess people would still have some opinion and may not understand. I have a friend who is very open about her recovery, and when she tells people shes an alcoholic, sometimes they still say not even one? Lol.

Ive thought about just using my usual no thanks. If they press me, just say no really, alcohol doesnt agree with me. And if they still press, actually, I have a very rare allergy to alcohol and it could kill me if I have any amount. I like that. Maybe a bit far fetched. But whos gonna say anything more?
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