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Good morning all.
Oh what sad news rest in peace dear Gilmer and my thoughts are of course with family members too right now
I'm sorry to read that you aren't feeling good either Suze. You give so much of yourself here and I hope you feel you can open up here or perhaps message somebody you are close for support if needed. I suspect you spread yourself so thin looking after all of us perhaps you need to take a little time for yourself too. I know helping others is a big part of who you are (and we love you for it) but it's okay to need help too sweetie
Sending out my love and thoughts to Willow, Delilah, Kris, Leigh and Neoo and of course anybody else struggling, grieving or in pain (sorry to those I haven't mentioned - I know there will be many). I hope things settle down soon for you too Awake. It is so damn tough in the early days and months and we really do need one another. In fact at almost 18 months I still gain immense comfort every day that I have my sober home here to come to when things get rough.
Almost every time you post darling Red I identify completely with what you have to say. I'm so glad you are meeting with your spiritual group of friends that sounds just like the perfect antidote to the day-to-day grind of life.
One thing I am trying to do (in a kind way) is speak up to others when I feel slighted or something doesn't sit right before it becomes an issue. My pattern is normally to bury things and then I get a build up of emotion (anger most commonly) and I blow. This has been a pattern which I recognise doesn't help anybody. So little by little I speak up. I don't find it easy but inside I know that it is better to air things rather than stew and blow. So far it seems to be going quite well but this is very new to me so we shall see....
Okay that's my Saturday morning ramblings over for now. I'm indulging myself by having a good read here in bed with my pooch before I attempt the day. Lots of love to everyone and 24 more please
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"The most important decision I ever made was my decision to give up drinking........everything I have, my whole life, depends on that one thing"
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