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Why do women stay with an alcoholic husband?

i am new to this site searching for answers. I had two highly functioning alcoholic parents and now am married to an alcoholic. I was a Heavy drinker through college and into our marriage and living in a family of drinkers it was never a popular choice to not drink. Over the years alcohol has become less important in my life and I have been alcohol free for about two years now. My husband struggles with anxiety, sleeplessness and alcoholic behavior. After multiple stints in detox, one rehab and two bouts of ending up in the hospital due to alcohol he continues to relapse.
I have found Al Anon, which has helped me to begin a journey of working on myself and not focusing on my husbandís addiction. As I get stronger and healthier I am realizing this is not the life I want to have but there is something stopping me from making a move. Maybe it is the hope that he will get better, maybe it stems from having that happily ever after relationship, that I never got from my parents.
I donít know where this will lead, this is the first time I have participated in an online forum. I read about so many women with similar situations as me, and they seem to be able to make it work. Why do they stay? There is something knawing at me to leave but I just canít make that move.
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