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This Paragraph above from Briansy caught my Eye as well:

'Finally, there is obviously no "post recovery care" aspect to this programme. What do you guys use to free up your minds and start living a life free of hangups about what happened in the past? Therapy? I sometimes wonder if the act of unclouding your brain and effectively just growing up by default allows you to slowly go about this aspect naturally? You feel better, you look better, you act more reasonably and self esteem grows just automatically? I was starting to get sick of constantly thinking about how I could improve me!!'

I cycled through some of this same pondering, and popped out the other side of that Process to finally give it all a rest. That is, I quit 'struggling' against several things; one of which was the premise that I had to constantly work at improving myself. As John Lennon said: 'Life is what happens while you're making other Plans'. This also seems true in the matter of improving yourself. It can just happen...

I swung 'round to be satisfied with myself. Achieve 'less', but be content with, and focus on, that which I can/do achieve. I sort of dig down into the Now, and really enjoy anything from tying my Boot Laces securely to readying our Travel Trailer for a Trip. Before I know it, I look up and am still Sober. Serene. Satisfied with some job well done because I wasn't always letting my Mind buzz with distractions. When in doubt, focus.

It's a sort of 'Buddhist Lite' way of going about things, but it got me off the Treadmill of beating myself over not improving 'enough'. For me, another bonus of AVRT was to internalize Metrics of what 'enough accomplished', or what 'happy' is. The Discipline of AVRT, as I practice it, doesn't rely on Externals, or conformance to Mystic Entities. The Gent in the Bathroom Mirror is the final Arbiter of what Sober Life is, and that un-complicates things considerably.

Consequently, Sober Life now is good!
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