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It took the career I had. It took my finances. It played a part in taking my children, I haven't had any contact with them in a couple of years. It took my self respect and dignity. And it may have now taken the love of my life, an absolutely amazing woman who always tries to do the next right thing. I am convinced God put her into my life to get me sober. I wish I would have woken up and started fixing myself well before I did, and I would still have her. She told me this morning we might, someday, have a chance at a future together, but that she is not going to wait and is starting to date other men. That, my friends, was very much a knife in the gut. It convinced me, more than all the legal troubles and everything else, that the path I am on in my recovery is the only possible path for me to take. I want to be with her. But I want for her to be happy and have that partner she wants that loves, honors and protects her even more. She deserves that, and so much more for just being the person she is. My reaction a few weeks ago would be to go on a bender. My reaction today was to find a meeting, maybe more than one, to go to today. And to be grateful that she is at least still speaking to me, and at least I have the opportunity to remain friends with her. Alcohol took a lot from me, but my sobriety has given me the ability to want the best for her, whether it's with me or not. And today I am thankful for that.
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