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I have a really supportive friend group of just 3 best friends, but quality over quantity- they've never given up on me and lift me up every day in exchange for the same. I love them to death and they've never pushed me away no matter how many times I've let them down with my alcoholism, which have been many.

Lately I've been having a lot of feelings and thoughts I'd like to talk about, but unfortunately my very best friend was on the other side of a toxic and hurtful relationship with an addict and is now in a great one with someone new, and I don't feel it'd be respectful to her to talk about my sad feelings of being left because that'd be triggering and hurtful to her, considering she's living the other side of the same coin and had to make the hard decision to end a relationship with someone she loved but who was an addict who was ultimately unwilling to help herself. I've seen her emotional struggles with that firsthand and have cried with her over the loss of her marriage due to it, and I support her in that although it's also my situation, but backwards, which is both weird and hard.

So here I am because I don't want to burden my friends with what's going on in my world, because they've already dealt with enough of my chaos.

Would really appreciate any insight from anyone who's gone through something similar?
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