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I am a proponent of using the right drugs with the right medical supervision, when appropriate.

I took Antabuse before I actually decided to quit drinking, despite all the warnings of side effects up to and including death. I am fortunate that the skipping doses, drinking on it, etc that I did only had the relatively minor side effects they did. Leg seizures, red face and spiked blood pressure, for example.

When I did finally quit for good, my dr and I discussed taking it seriously and absolutely as directed. We decided I would, and I took it for 90 days- along with campral, an anti craving med, and other appropriate psych meds. She gave me a sheaf of papers which I dated, signed, noted the time I took the Antabuse and had witnessed, every day. I kept those papers in my purse all the time.

ALL of this medicine was only appropriate as additional support for my start, complete commitment to and development of a strong AA program. No drug is a cure, right for everyone, or going to teach you how to live without alcohol.

Antabuse is hard on the liver, so my dr (and I believe most) do not like to give it for extended use. When I went back to work in the restaurant world at just shy of six months sober, we discussed whether I should take it again. I deferred to her judgment and she felt, and I agreed, that I was working such a robust AA program that I did not need it. Should a situation ever come up where it might be a good idea, I will again defer to her.

Note, I took the Campral for he first year, maybe more, of my sobriety. I am two and a half years sober now. I take a benzo as needed for anxiety, recently quit all sleeping meds, and we adjust my other meds if/as needed. I see my psych for therapy and meds discussion every two months as if this time.
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