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Originally Posted by Labatty View Post
Lessgravity. I know a lot of people that don't abuse it either. My husband doesn't . It's just such a slippery slope. Not in a million years did I ever think I'd be an alcoholic. My son also struggles. He'll have a year of sobriety in October. My dad & his side of the family were alcoholics. My dad was lucky enough to quit, but it killed two of his brothers. It is such a high price to pay.
My wife is the same as your spouse - can truly take it or leave it. My son is 10 and I worry about him in the future. My father too was an alcoholic, though he quit years ago. He's a dry drunk in many ways though - just kind of a depressed guy. It's an ugly thing, addicted to the drink. We can only get ourselves clean and try and take care of those around us.
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