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I seem to have forgotten where the boundaries lie in conversation.
Or maybe I pushed them too far when I was a drinker now I donít seem to know where the line is.
I always mean well but can be taken the wrong way.

Just over with friends in Belgium doing work for them.
They drink I donít.
We have been to various bars over the last few nights.
I have been consistent with my banter and so have they.
But things seem to get a bit personal, and an atmosphere occurs.
It could be that old chestnut of whatís a joke at one beer is an insult after 5 beers.

Maybe Iím still a little sensitive to situations.
Maybe I didnít care before.
Maybe I didnít notice them before.
Maybe I still need to work on social challenges.

On thing is for sure I can hold conversation and not lose the thread if a different subject arises. And remember it next day.

My confidence seems to get a knock from getting a bad reaction from people.
Am I being hard on myself or is it my AV trying to put me down?
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