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The reasoning behind providing clean needles and places to inject illicit drugs is to reduce harm to the addict and society as a whole.

Where I live in the Bay Area, California, its a huge issue. A lady sat down in a BART train (electric train system) and felt a ***** on her bottom to discover it was a hypodermic needle. Needless to say she was terrified for good reason.

Needles are being found all over the streets, in front of frequently visited shops, playgrounds, and even elementary schools. Its scary to think of a little child picking one of these needles up and accidentally pricking themselves.

Alcoholics have places they can go to consume alcohol in society. One can go to a restaurant, a bar, hotels, fairs and do so safely. Also, because its legal and some folks don't seem to have issues with it, its hard to understand why its hard for some folks who have issues with it to just stop.

But, I understand where you are coming from. In my humble opinion I feel all addicts should be treated the same as in they all have a addiction that is destroying their lives and the substance shouldn't matter.
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