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I'm thinking a happy medium will be necessary at some point. Maybe the Pacific Northwest. For now though.. these are the choices I've made so I'm just doing my best to deal with the scorching heat and predominantly brown landscape.[/QUOTE]

I love the PNW. I guess I'm really just the inland neighbor. Portland is amazing. When we visit we stay in Lake Oswego and I love it there....looked at condos...could happen. It rains a lot....and its coastal and has humidity...unlike Idaho. I feel like I can hear the air crunch on a hot day. I live in 'high desert' so its gets real brown here too. And then wildfires start so usually August is so bad its not really even safe to exercise outside. Dirt, brown, pile of rocks, ick. And then of course winter is dead and grey. Why do I find that beautiful? Don't answer that question
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