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Originally Posted by uncle holmes View Post
I respect everyone's opinion here!!! But I love Summer!!! By far my favorite season!

I don't have to worry about putting a coat on. I can just put on my shorts and short sleeve shirt every time I go outside! There's a lot more daylight, which makes me happier!

And not as many people are sick!!! Not many colds and flu going around like in the Winter! In the Winter, I'm guaranteed to get at least 2 colds/sinus infections or bronchitis! Not fun at all!!! And right when I get over my cold or whatever, someone else at work or a AA meeting gets a cold!!! Which makes it more likely me and others will get sick again!!!

And the daylight is awful here in Michigan during the Winter! It's dark by 5 pm! It's freezing! Going out to my truck on my driveway is a pain cause it's ice cold. I have to scrape the windows half the time. My car and the entrance inside the house gets soaking wet because of the snow that's dragged in! It's just nasty!!!

My hands get cracked and dried out and I have to use vaseline intensive care hand lotion every day!!!

You have to go by how you feel! I know for me, I'm happier in the Summer and more depressed in the Winter!!!
I was just staying to Mindful that I hate the dryness of the climate I live in, summer or winter. Its brutal...I'm dry as a bone. Even working out I don't sweat even a 1/4 of how I sweat in California. I hate it.

But dark at 5 pm? Now you're talking!!
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