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Originally Posted by Frickaflip233 View Post
I was born in LA but lived most of my life (39 years) in the Bay Area. Yeah its pretty darned nice....and crowded....and expensive. So there's that! I went to UCSB and I have to say, that is the nicest weather of anywhere I have ever lived. Fabulous! Except I do like my winters....well actually Hawaii wasn't bad either. I love that humid long as there is the ocean and the trade winds. I remember adjusting so much to the weather that I would literally be cold when it was 80. haha. My major complaint about Idaho is the dry air. That part sucks. Oh and the fact that it has no diversity and is just a little, ehem, conservative. But that's changing...albeit slowly.

Yeah SAD is really rough for sure. And I definitely have reverse SAD. But its more anxiety than depression....although the exhaustion of dealing with anxiety can cause depression, if that makes any sense. I am totally capable of handling it as long as I take really good care of myself....and of course, absolutely no drinking.

You sound like you are living in the perfect place for you! That is great!
I was just looking at places for rent in HI the other day. Kind of fantasizing about moving over there for 6-12mo like an 'extended vacation' type thing. Just to try it out. I love SoCal too,but living the island life for a bit sounds very tempting.
'Dumb' it down as much as you can....makes it WAYYYY easier!!
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